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Galaxy||female||mysterious,brave,independent,smart,sassy,stubborn,and very beautiful||power:invisibility||is mates with black fire and has 3 pups:luck,spike,and daredevil||

feather kind and stubborn she wolf has 4 pups kindle leaf loki and tuft


(Name: Eona) (Gender: Female) (Age: 2 years) (Role: Omega) (Bio: Is shy and scared of new wolves, isnt very good with pups, is Scared of her brother, due to his over protectiveness. Has never had a mate nor is worthy of one) (Owner:

animal black_hair cat flowers foxgirl green_eyes kikivi long_hair ...

Mates with Titanic, they have one pup fire. Sapphire is a hunter, was almost a packer until she got hurt badly. She's very wise, and believes in what she believes.

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No matter how much wolves cringe over Cringes face, he loves her no matter what. No pups Very skilled fighter.

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