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sleeping - photo by Remo Savisaar (2006)

Animal photography requires perfect timing and photography skills if one wishes to capture beautiful and attractive photos. Here are 50 Cute Animal Photos.


22 Pictures that Will Make You Love Foxes // Roeselien Raimond

Shanka's inspiration

baby cottontails--Daddy brought a shoe box home when I was small. It had baby cottontail rabbits in it and we baby bottle fed them until big enough to turn loose!


Photo (The Shiny Squirrel)

My name is Hannah 26 artist redhead, wood nymph, cat momma and all around animal lover. I post things relevant to myself and my likes. I do not claim these photos as my own unless stated otherwise.


This photo was taken as the tsunami hit. Can confirm: I stopped running to take this picture.

Monkey saving a puppy? Or Monkey stuffing a puppy away for food in case things get bad? I'm going to try to believe Monkey saving puppy.

munchkin <3   If only they stayed this size! Cute and tiny!

i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig, i want a baby pig.