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Typographic Quotes: Something To Believe In

Typographic Quotes: Something To Believe In #34

Typographic Quotes: Something To Believe In

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This poster is a great example of a good use of a grid. The type is artistic in itself and no additional graphics are necessary. The colors set each other off without being upsetting to the eye.

jazz illustration

JAZZ - "Monterey Jazz Festival", Poster - Illustration and Graphic by Pablo Lobato Argentine).

Classic Book Covers Reinvented, The Scarlet Letter

IMAGES: New Covers For Classic Books

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, cover by MrFurious (the Creative Action Network) from the Recovering the Classics collection

Japanese Poster: Quadrophenia. Ryu Okubo. 2012

Japanese Poster: Quadrophenia. Ryu Okubo. 2012

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.


In between art and graphic design the work of Spanish Xabier Zirikiain, who is also the founder of fashion label Loreak Mendian

Type poster

Editorial design is usually a custom made design to place the content and other graphics in a magazine. It has to be formatted and designed in such a way other

Mar 2015劃・話 | Strokes・Word2015 亞洲海報前衛實驗設計展2015 ASIA NEXT POSTER EXPERIMENTAL…

"Chinese Calligraphy", Size: 700 x 1000 mm., - Graphic Design by Tseng Green (b. Taiwan) ~ [This Poster participant to: "Asia Next Poster Experimental Design Invitation Exhibition", and Convocation of the International Poster Biennial Mexico" (BICM)].


Poster: Once again, the retro look with bright colours create an aesthetically pleasing composition.

Alfred Hitchcock . Love this poster.

hueandsaturation: “ The Daily Beast cover illustration. Alfred Hitchcock: The Psycho Genius of Hollywood. “To say he’s making a comeback would be misleading, because he never went away. Alfred Hitchcock’s place in the pantheon of great directors has.