Drew Melton Typography

Outstanding graphics for your inspiration Just another designer with amazing skills in hand drawn types/lettering and logo design. I’m talking about Drew Melton, a freelance graphic designer from.

Dont' wait for inspiration. Go after it with a club. #typography #design Hand Lettering by Martin Schmetzer, via Behance

Over 30 Examples of Cool Typography

"don't wait for inspiration go after it with a club" hand drawn type by Martin Schmetzer

Bilbo Baggins ...mixing two of my favorite things

Tolkien Typography- Not all who wander are lost, Bilbo Baggins

stay hungry stay foolish-  But remember: don't let it turn you into an asshole

‘Stay hungry stay foolish’ — Steve Jobs Type design by Two Arms Inc.


/ Smell the Roses — Friends of Type vector hand lettering graphic design illustration poster. great color choice, the arrangement of the letters is great.

Typography inspiration

Daily word of widsom: "Good things happen to those who hustle.


victory final 20 Examples of Typography

typeverything:    Typeverything.com - Rachel Ray Mag by Erik Marinovich (via Friends of Type)

Rachael Ray Magazine

"Rachael Ray Magazine" chalkboard opener by Erik Marinovich. Certainly the coolest thing ever associated with Rachael Ray

Lettering Self Promo on the AIGA Member Gallery

Quoting the Beach Boys’ “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times” about a man who thinks he may be too advanced for his reality, Spencer Charles’ hand-lettered self-promotional piece is giving me excitations.

Austin, Texas by Michael Tangonan, via Behance, Anchor, Window art, store, retail, glass, clouds, birds, crown, lightening, sea, logo

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