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Dorje drolo tsog avec dharmapalas. Il est une des formes du Bouddha Padmasambhava dit Guru Rimpoché.

Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Dorje Drolo, one of the 8 manifestations of Guru Rinpoche. He brought the Dharma to Bhutan.

Hayagriva Secret Accomplishment

Hayagriva, Horse-headed form of Avalokiteshvara

the four dignities: tiger, lion, garuda, dragon  (from bottom)

the four dignities: tiger, lion, garuda, dragon (from bottom) from the Shambhala teachings.

Tibet "The Double Dorje" was brought to Tibet by the great Buddha Padmasambhava. Itis an epiphany, a sudden realization. The double Dorje represents the indestructibility of all phenomenonal essence. It serves as a symbol of harmony, immutability, and all -knowingness. It symbolizes enlightenment, the true nature of reality, the union of relative and absolute truths, and the indestructibility of wisdom.The double dorje is often used as a stamp or seal and placed at the bottom of statues."

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