When Children Are Asleep (1885). Thomas Faed (Scottish, 1826-1900). Oil on canvas. National Museums Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery.

“ When Children Are Asleep Thomas Faed (Scottish, Oil on canvas. Based on a clipping in Faed’s papers, inspiration may.

Mary Reading by Edmund Charles Tarbell

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Reading Viscount Kuroda Seiki (Japanese, Kuroda brought Western theories about art to a wide Japanese audience. He was among the leaders of the yōga (or Western-style) movement in.

Edmund Tarbell, Mary Reading (c1915-1916)

“ Mary Reading Edmund Charles Tarbell (American, Oil on canvas. Tarbell is particularly associated with figural impressionism, and his works include human subjects.


[someone else's] favorite quote (Longfellow, [s/he] think[s]) incorporated into an art print by one of . [her/his] favorite artists, Mary Englebreit . [someone else's caption, modified & shortened]

The Artist's Wife (Susan Gillis, d.1941). Stewart Carmichael. 1867-1950

Stewart Carmichael (British, : The Artist's Wife (Susan Gillis, Dundee Art Galleries and Museums,