Please don't wash away the colors....

Sketch idea - Please don't wash away the colors in my already black and white world. (I didn't write that but still cool)<<<another colorful umbrella in a dark world; I love the symbolism

Como Fazer um leão

How to draw a lion . Drawing a lion head study. It's been a while since I've draw or sketch any creature so I decided to sketch somethi.

#anime women who wear black have the most colorful lives

Me hides various jewels of high value in the folds of her dress. either she's a master smuggler who has a great get rich quick scheme for girls or she's trying to get someone's attention

Cupcake Bird

Little Birds by Kate Wilson, via Behance; You can never have too many drawings of a bird with a cupcake on his head! I love of paradise


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Charles Santoso is a concept artist and art director based in Sydney, Australia and currently working for Animal Logic.

(Charles Santoso) if I were to ever get a character tattoo it would be something like the Cheshire cat and dormouse one.