tinymintywolf:  i wanted to doodle hearthstone for my warmup today ;v; please do not repost, edit, or use in any way without my permission! ☆ commission info! ☆

hearthstone from the magnus chase series, has to be one of my favorite characters from Rick Riordan

Awwwww! Alex even thinks that they are adorable!!

This is not cave people times! Sorry if I got my history wrong. I'm in middle school.

19th floor squad + sam (and gunilla i gues lol)

floor squad + sam (and gunilla i gues lol)>>> love this, but TJ isnt african american

Go percy!!!!!!

Percassy Jackson (side note: I am looking at Percabeth pictures and I was listening to You & I by one direction)

guys no it should be Malex they are actually inspired by Malec!

Just a bunch of cool Magnus Chase one-shots because my readers wanted… Fanfiction


Magnus~Hearth~Blitz<<I'm pretty sure Hearth is just an actual anime character