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Of a "perfect" life, yea...... #Aquarius

The Zodiacs Who Fear Rejection, Prize Attention, Crave Affection and Dream Of Perfection

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Taurus Facts. TRUTH.

Yes, their kindness and love and generosity towards other people. ( no matter what is happening In a Leo's life)they always make other people feel comfortable. No hidden agenda, no suspicion, just love.

That's true about a Gemini.  I will hold it in until I can't anymore and I will light into your ass!

Taurus says: I have no problem telling people off and give dirty looks the whole time, and would probably physically fight you, depending on what we are having issues about.

Top/Bottom 6: Seductive

top 6 seductive signs = Aries how does a Leo always get the best of both worlds? go Leo's!