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The most obvious elemental trait of a light mage is the ability to produce a luminescent golden light that does not harm through producing heat - such as a fire mage can - but can temporarily blind and disorientates opponents.

I know exactly what he is thinking about her. The hand, the kiss, that woman is worth dying for to him, and he has.

This is like my favorite thing ever. Like love this so much. Just doing this at random times shows how much the care is

Frauen mit dieser Figur haben die meisten Sexpartner

Frauen mit dieser Figur haben die meisten Sexpartner

Love has many faces and we've all been controlling, narcissistic, indifferent, overpowering, and clingy at one time or the other.

photography #love

photography #love

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Kann man seinen Partner ändern? Mit diesen 5 Tipps klappt es tatsächlich

So kannst du deinen Partner ändern

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Cuddles, a pillow fight, and pancakes in bed make these cabin couple portraits captured by photographers Karina Maks some of the sweetest ones yet.