repurposed furniture | Repurposed+furniture. I wonder how you could turn an old suitcase into a mini fridge. Just a thought.

DIY Trunk to Rolling Bar Project — ReadyMade Online

DIY vintage trunk to rolling bar project. The idea of cutting up vintage luggage for crafts irks me almost as much as the idea of cutting up vintage books for crafts. However, this is amazing and I'm not doing anything with those trunks anyway.

medicine cabinet made from old suitcase

LOVE this upcycle repurpose of this case. Think it would be fantastic in guest room, filled with sample sized personal grooming goods. Or in travel themed small guest bath!

Paint an old suitcase, add some chalkboard paint & leave a welcome message next to your front door!  NOTE: Never leave a message that lets the thieves know you aren't home!

Upcycle that old vintage suitcase into a table, shelves or a dresser. There are so many home decor ideas you can craft and makeover those old suitcases.

I love the way a vintage suitcase looks as part of home decor. Now you can get the look with these 14 awesome ways to repurpose a suitcase!

Repurposed Suitcase Ideas Idea Box by The Hometalk Team

14 awesome ways to repurpose a suitcase {adding this to my thrift sale task-list for this summer}

A million great DIY ideas for reusing old suit cases.

vintage suitcase medicine cabinet ~ I don't think I could convince myself to do this, but it's a cute idea.

Piano bar...thinking of doing this to my great grandmothers piano...keys and soundboard are gone but still can't think of tossing it out!

Re-purposed piano wine bar… that is an awesome idea! I am obsessed with this… but where do find an old piano? Re-purposed piano wine bar… that is an awesome idea!

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Matchin Steamer Trunk Wine and Liquor Cabinets

IMG 0412 Matchin Steamer trunk wine and liquor cabinets in furniture with Wine Bar

You'll love this tip:  How To Make An Old Entertainment Centre Into A Play Kitchen!!

re-purposing furniture for kids. I just love this idea! And I absolutely love the hot pick and zebra print kitchen! It even has a little chandelier! re-purposing furniture for kids.