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TETSUO SHIMA Art Print by Guillem H. Pongiluppi | Society6

akira asian barefoot black_pants cape clenched_teeth commentary d:< guillem_h_pongiluppi hand_on_own_knee highres male_focus pants pillar realistic red_cape shima_tetsuo short_hair smoke solo squatting teeth topless torn_clothes torn_pants white_hair

La Caste des Méta-Barons - Scénario : Alejandro Jodorowsky - Dessin : Juan Gimenez - Éditeur : Les Humanoïdes Associés

la caste des meta-barons / the meta-barons, 1992 - alejandro jodorowsky (author), juan gimenez (artist)

A Gallery of Never-Before-Seen Concept Art from David Lynch's Dune

A Gallery of Never-Before-Seen Concept Art from David Lynch's Dune

Dune is one of my all-time favorite movies, despite being an epic disaster.

Riddick / Necromonger Costume | ScreenUsed.com

ScreenUsed is the place to find rare props and wardrobe used by your favorite actors in your favorite movies and television shows.

'Akira: Tetsuo' by Chris Skinner

Display Ideas For Your Pop Vinyl Figures

John Shoenherr's no-ship, cover of Chapterhouse: Dune.

John Schoenherr - Chapterhouse Dune oil on masonite - 1985 - Putnam Chapterhouse Dune by Frank Herbert x

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Muad'Dib is wise in the ways of the desert. Muad'Dib creates his own water. Muad'Dib hides from the sun and travels in the cool night. Muad'Dib is fruitful and multiplies over the land. Muad'Dib is instructor of boys.