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I don't like hotdogs but this is just cute - DIY Hot Dog Octopus and Crab

funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein creativ zubereitet

funny food - lustiges essen f?r gross und klein creativ zubereitet

caterpillar sausage


A buggy twist for your kids hot dogs.

Couldn't find the actual directions but the pics were so cute, I just had to save them somewhere!  I think we all can figure them out (hopefully)  La gastronomía y el placer de comer hay que cultivarlo en los niños desde que son pequeños, y nunca olvidarse de una forma divertida. Salchichas, ÑAM ÑAM!

Recetas divertidas para hacer con niños: Salchichas


animal sausage


Fun hot dog ideas for kids


Cabbage flower garnish made with unique kitchen tool

"This is Panda shaped Sushi Nori Maki Rice Mold kit that will help you create Nori Maki or Sushi roll in Panda shape, so adorable and yes you can make it.  This kit includes 4 rice mold that will help guide where to put different shape of maki.  This kit also comes with how-to guide in Japanese with Pictures." http://www.allthingsforsale.com/egg-mold-rice-mold/2092-japanese-sushi-nori-maki-rice-mold-roll-kit-panda-head-4989082759517.html

Japanese Sushi Nori Maki Rice Mold Roll Kit Panda Head Shop for bento tool!

Würstchen zu Schillerlocken gemacht

PICTURE ONLY: Spiral Cut Hot Dog.I'm not a "dog" eater.but every now & then a Brock, Kosher Dog or Hot Link is tempting.I like the concept.

Sosis flower

Dekorasi Bento: Sosis Bunga Gerbera

How to make Bento Weiner Flowers. I never thought I'd use the words "weiner" and "flower" in the same sentence!<< It sound's delicious, and would be GREAT in a bento meal!

Aterradoramente deliciosos.

Snacks con los que te tienes que consentir este Halloween

These adorable Halloween Hot Dog Spiders are a perfect Halloween appetizer or snack!

DIY Carrot Fish and Net DIY Projects

Carrot Lattice and fish garnish

K i would never eat this because its totally unappetizing but i would fir kids! Maybe with organic hot dogs instead but its kinda cool

Ocean pasta with hot dog octopi! For my little dude

Antipasto Sfizioso Polipi di Wurstel http://www.lovediy.it/antipasto-sfizioso-polipi-wurstel/ Un antipasto sfizioso di polipi di wurstel per divertire i commensali e stupirli con un piatto semplicissimo...

How to make Hotdog Octopus and Hotdog Crabs --- Cute Food For Kids?: One Wiener Dog = 2 Crabs + 2 Octopi


My father did this for us when we were little and I do it for my own little ones now.

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funny food - lustiges essen f?r gross und klein creativ zubereitet

Non solo torte: anche il rustico è creativo

Non solo torte: anche il rustico è creativo

Just hatched boiled egg chicks.