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Look but don't touch: Let's talk about tattoo etiquette | Offbeat Home

Look but don't touch: Let's talk about tattoo etiquette | Offbeat Home & Life

HoodiePillow Pillowcase — perfect for dealing with a roommate who snores, or doesn't turn off their light till late.

Dorm decor that'll make you excited to go back to school

Pin up party ideas

The Star of Texas Tattoo Convention in Austin, Texas brings up some very serious nostalgia!

For the record, I would never get this tattoo. But I wish you would...JAYBIRD.     *Sibling Nesting Dolls

thinking about getting a matryoshka nesting doll tattoo somewhere. the mustache is so cute on this one lol.

Artist Spotlight: Inkstruck

Artist Spotlight: Inkstruck

Period Problems and Natural Cures - 719Woman.com: Colorado Springs Style and Bargains

Resolve PMS now to prevent postpartum depression with macs, vitex/chaste berry, evening primrose, Vit calcium, magnesium and Vit c

Utah Book Month Spotlight: Author Katharine Coles

In which I spotlight Utah author and poet, Katharine Coles.

Jenna Marbles!!!

Ahaha omg i'm gonna have a million and one jenna marbles pins but the shit she…

Hi, my short-haired babes. Okay… Maybe you aren't short yet, but maybe you are dreaming of A Big Chop. Maybe you are short and uninspired. Maybe you are newly short and clueless. Whoever you are, if you have short hair or are considering it, I've got some styling ideas for you.

6 easy ways to style your short straight haircut

How-To Hair Girl Sisterhood of DIY Hair. Tips and Tricks to Master your Hair with a Creative and Holistic Approach.


I shaved my head, and I feel beautiful

This past Halloween, I shaved my head for my costume. A little bit daring, really easy to do, and wouldn't it be fun to see what my head looked like underneath the hair?

Stepping Into a Time Machine: The Star of #Texas #Tattoo Convention

Joey from Triple Crown Tattoo in Austin, Texas works on a Kewpie that will be sent back to Japan on be displayed. Do you visit tattoo conventions? Would you travel to be tattooed? New post: Stepping Into a Time Machine: The Star of Texas Tattoo Convention