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#ClippedOnIssuu from South magazine october november preview

South magazine october november preview

Los Angeles Cover for 5/1/2013

that brought sushi stateside, and we still do it best. With special attention to sustainability, we dive into the citys number one cuisine

Los Angeles Magazine | bordergrill.com

Los Angeles (US) Great artwork on this type cover Los Angeles magazine Digital: Joe Zeff Food: Misha Gravenor Design Director Steve Banks

Features: Crime - Los Angeles Magazine

The March 2015 issue of Los Angeles Magazine marks the publications of the annual list of Five Star Real Estate Agents. Heather Leikin on the list second year in a row.

Los Angeles (US) type cover, 20 years after the Rodney King Riots.    "The city has a different complexion. So what does race mean anymore? Everything."

I like this rotating cover of Los Angeles Magazine showing ethnically ambiguous faces. Makes me curious what the future will look like and appreciative of living in a city that holds such diversity.

I like the psychedelic color scheme. The abstract shapes and multiple 50s are a great way to get the message by that it's the 50th anniversary. The large 50 is like the spawn of all the smaller 50s. It's great that the l 50 is also colored and rainbow as it doesn't discriminate against any other color.

Inspiration for yearbook cover. Would be especially pertinent if your school were celebrating a milestone anniversary


One of our favourites, Sir Ian McKellen graces the cover of Eurostar's Metropolitan magazine this December.

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