Clean Break Novelty Candy Packaging by Kathy Mueller, via Behance

the Clean Break Novelty Candy was the brain child of Kathy Mueller. “Clean Break offers tongue-in-cheek parting gifts for.

Popchips by Marx Design

New Packaging for Popchips by Marx - BP&O


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Planet-friendly chocolatier Askinoise underscores its message with paper-based packaging.

Askinoise Chocolate My current chocolate obsession. Can't wait to order their baking chocolate & cocoa nibs and. Non-Alkalized, total hippie chocolate.


From artisanal boutique to superstores, the trend for minimalist packaging design continues to pick up pace.

Design Bridge has created packaging designs for a new Fortnum & Mason chocolate collection. The “matchbox” confectionary range includes handmade chocolates in the shape of five animals or insects associated with the English countryside, including a ladybird, hedgehog, tortoise, mouse and frog. A box has been designed for each “creature”. The packaging design is inspired by […]

Fortnum & Mason - Matchbox Chocolate Novelty Range on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery