Future King George IV and wife Mary of Teck.1893.  They are the grandparents of Queen Elizabeth II.  Elizabeth resembles her grandmother very much.

Uneasy lies the Head that Wears a Crown: Photo

Принцесса Маргарет (слева) даже носил его для своей сестры коронации в 1953 году.

An official photo of the newly coronated Queen Elizabeth with her closest family. Note: Princess Margaret, Prince Philip, Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Queen Victoria holding her great-grandson Prince David (later Edward VIII). Standing to her left is her daughter-in-law Princess Alexandra, Princess of Wales (Queen Alexandra) and behind her is her granddaughter-in-law Princess Mary, Duchess of York (Queen Mary).

Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Edward VIII. I had to pin this again as I loved seeing the christening robe a replica of it is now worn by or new Royal Pricess

King George V & Queen Mary in Coronation regalia , 1910 frontispiece for the Illustrated London News Silver Jubilee Photo by W & D Downey Hand tinted 1910 1935 The King in Robe of Purple Velvet and Imperial Crown , the Queen in Coronation dress and crown as they showed themselves to the people from the balcony Plate I stock photo

The Coronation of George V (son of King Edward VII) and Queen Mary (formerly Princess Victoria Mary "May" of Teck.

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands - Hendrik van Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Royal Wedding Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands & Duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Princess Anne's Christening at Buckingham Palace : Prince Philip, the Queen Mother and old Queen Mary

Princess Anne's Christening at Buckingham Palace: The Queen Mother, Prince Charles, Queen Mary and Prince Philip

Queen Victoria with prince George V and his wife princess Mary (May) of Teck.

Queen Victoria with the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George and Queen Mary) while on their honeymoon at Osborne House in the Isle of Wight. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, prior to being crowned Queen

Before she was Queen: Portrait of Elizabeth II prior to her coronation hidden away for 50 years. The Queen, pictured in looks relaxed and confident in the picture taken by Kenneth Clayton despite being in mourning after her father, George VI, died

Queen Mary (1867-1953) when Princess Victoria Mary of Teck | Royal Collection Trust

royaland: “Princess Mary of Teck,later queen consort of the United Kingdom. She was the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.

.Queen Mary - Grandmother - A picture taken at Sandringham, with the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose and Prince Edward, son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Queen Mary photographed with her grandchildren, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Prince Edward (son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent), at Sandringham, January 1936

george and mary 1897 costume ball

George and Mary (before they were King George V and Queen Mary), 1897, dressed for a costume ball

hotel-haute-societe: “ The Duke and Duchess of York (later King George V and Queen Mary) dressed as century courtiers in the 1897 costume ball at Devonshire.

Princess Mary of Wales with Edward, Albert and Mary

Princess Mary, Duchess of Cornwall and York, and soon to become Princess of Wales, with Prince Edward (Future King Edward VIII), Prince Albert (future King George VI) and Princess Mary

King George V and Queen Mary with two of their children, Princess Mary and the Duke of York

King George V and Queen Mary with two of their children, Princess Mary and Prince Albert,the Duke of York who would later become King George VI

Elizabeth I of England | portrait of Elizabeth's half-sister, Queen Mary I; she ruled England ...

La Peregrina - the third largest pearl in the world discovered in the early by an African slave diver in the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama is worn by MaryTudor (also known as 'Bloody Mary'). La Peregrina means 'The Wanderer' or 'Pilgrim'.