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They fell

I love this body shape on Keith it's so cute, of course, I also like muscular Keith.and original Keith.I love all Keith art forms ok


alyssaarrt: “ Voltron Secret Valentine’s present for Soulmate AU where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s…So Keith and Lance have been communicating through ballpoint pen for years, when one day Lance.

Crank up this bumpin' playlist and MOVE, SHAKE IT, FEEL THE BEAT.

33 Songs to BLAST For America's Gay Marriage Victory

LET'S DANCE — the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal nationwide, and that's a reason to celebrate, obviously. We couldn't be more excited for same-sex couples and unions to be recognized in all 50 states! It's time to pop some bottles and party har

Idk where pert one of this is but I love the art style

Klance is life I breathe klance ok also top keef 4 lyfe