"This is how small my head is next to Jensen's. He's pretty, though." - DJ Qualls on Twitter

DJ Qualls on

DJ Qualls and Jensen Ackles on set for "Sharp Teeth" ~ Poor Garth.

Oh my goodness that is hilarious! "You lost your salt privileges" bahahahaha  #HowToPunishAHunter

Salt privileges are revoked lol. You lost your salt privileges.

Just call the Winchesters or find your local hunter or just exorcise him your self

He won't move

The Yellow-Eyed Demon makes an interesting vessel choice. Hey- I'd be a cat. Who expects a demon to be in a cute, fluffy cat? yellow eyes hiding in the big fluffy cat XD

Yes Sam and Dean Winchester are my type too

Funny pictures about Narrowing down my type of guy. Oh, and cool pics about Narrowing down my type of guy. Also, Narrowing down my type of guy.

Oh how I love u DEAN Winchester

My new favorite thing is Dean getting hit in the face with holy water. He just looks so done. Can you f*cking not?

<3 They're back together!  And having a slumber party...lol (8x08)

Haha look at Sam's face, it's like he's enjoying the thought of them three having a slumber party and Dean and Cas would braid his hair and they would talk about their feelings all night.

Castiel Humor: Exactly how I feel regarding the milkshake thing.

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