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Google+ Pages : 5 passi-zoom per fare delle “Business Pages”..

Google+ Pages : 5 passi-zoom per fare delle “Business Pages”..

5 steps to a successful Google Plus page

If you are planning to get started with G+ in 2014 - this is your ultimate guide to doing it right. Pom pom shake for Close Close Francis Gibbon Hovnanian Print this out and put it up next to your workspace so you don't forget!

Google Plus For Business and Individuals - Martin Shervington's "Plus Your Business" is a fantastic Google+ resource.

Google Plus For Business and Individuals

"12 Ways to Connect, Create and Collaborate Using Google Hangouts"--collection of cool tips from the informative Beth Hayden. http://www.copyblogger.com/google-hangout-content/

12 Ways to Connect, Create, and Collaborate Using Google Hangouts

You’re a content marketer, and you care about connection and collaboration. But you live in a remote village in Alaska, and you can’t just hop down to the local Chamber of Commerce when you need to pick up a little extra business.

7 #GooglePlus mistakes that local #marketers make http://webmag.co/google-local-marketing-mistakes/ #Infographic #WebsiteMagazine #SocialMedia #SEO

Google+ Local Marketing Mistakes

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