So sorry about the language. If people cheered for Clove's death, they don't get the point of the Hunger Games books. It's not about Katniss versus the other tributes, and it's terrifying to think society today looks at the Games as the Capitol did.

sugar cube...? A Finnick odair fan must be close

27 Times Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Proved They Have The Best Offscreen Relationship Ever

27 Times Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson Proved They Have The Best Offscreen Relationship Ever. This was when a fan threw a sugar cube at them.

Hunger Games

Hunger Games Map Of Panem. Okay, but is that the OFFICIAL map of Panem? Then again I'll be dead so I won't be reaped.

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and its cast, for those of you who were unaware of them. Get any book for 99 cents. DAILY DEALS !

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and it's cast! For the fact I'm so glad they chose Jennifer Lawrence! If not her then i would chose Shailene Woodley

Hunger Games, behind the scenes

Hunger Games, behind the scenes- I love this film that little bit more than you because I know what a great bond all of the actors ( kids) had - famous and well known actors have told the cats of THG to treasure the experience

@Callie Cox I made dis for you xD  GAHHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH  @Courtney

Mom can I keep him!i want that one with cake.----SO ME!I saw this with Josh Hutcherson.Both of them are in my basement :D You cant have him or our Dauntless cake

This is the true sorrow of the Hunger Games. Not the entertainment that the Games bring, it's the downright cruelty that we all need to remember.

1678 people died, and all they care about is the love triangle. Then you realize this also applies to our society too. It's barely a love triangle anyways because Gale is an awful person. People only care because Liam Hemsworth plays him


DAMMITTTTTT STAHPP IM LITERALLY CRYING . guys no seriously this isn't even funny anymore. I'm literally crying and I can't bear it and I just want Everlark to have their babies and live happily ever after alreadyyy<<Jesus read the book.

Basszus neeee

Oh, that hit me right in the feels. Jaw on the floor, tears in my eyes. HAYMITCH is to nice at the moment! And peeta aww! *cries rivers and oceans of tears*

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"His brother is Thor" I love jennifer lawrence she is hilarious

Jennifer Lawrence’s brilliance… In addition to her talent, this is why I really like her.

Jennifer Lawrence’s brilliance…

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely my favorite celebrity, idol, and girl crush.