Roberto Capucci gown worn by Maggi Eckart for Elegance (Dutch) December 1962

Elegance (Dutch) December 1962 Maggi Eckart is wearing a dress by Roberto Capucci

‘Sculpture Dress’ (detail), 1992. By Roberto #Capucci. Schauspielhaus Theatre Berlin.

‘Sculpture Dress’ (detail), By Roberto Capucci (Italian, b. Sculpture-dress, multi-coloured plissé taffeta, overlapping pleats on the skirt. Claudia Primangeli / L. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museu

“Era di Maggio” by Roberto Capucci » Design You Trust. Design and Beyond.

A tribute to the month of buds par excellence, flower buds in particular, but also buds of fashion. The "Era di Maggio" (May Era) show exhibited 11 sculpture-garments made by maestro Roberto Capucci at Palazzo Corsini.

Summer, 1973 Model wears colourful knickerbockers and a peplum bib top designed by John Bates for Jean Varon

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