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I would have taken anything offered by Steve!!! I'm now having little!Steve feels. Once this girl did this to him, I hated her, and I always yell at the screen. How dare you reject Steve??!?!?!

Oh poor Steve. Tbh I really miss this adorkably awkward Steve. That lady's such a jerk id be madly in love with lil awkward Steve((:

Rock Climbing sounds fun

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Scarlett tries to get the boys to keep it clean. (Gag reel, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier") ahahaha!

Don't you DARE mentally, emotionally, or even physically attack my Steve ever again...

Ultron, if you hurt my Cap again with your words, I will upload Windows Vista to your hard drive and watch you burn.

Captain America [gifset] - Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter

Captain America - Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter-- still dying over because "he became a delicious roast beefcake in Howard Stark's hottie machine"

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Also, can we please have a Hawkeye movie, too? Or at least make MCU Clint deaf like he's supposed to be! Please PLeASe PLEASE Marvel!