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Si tratta di una sfera dotata di 36 microcamere in grado di fotografare all’istante l’intero campo visivo, realizzando vere e proprie composizioni “sferiche” dall’enorme risoluzione di 72 megapixels. Si può lanciare proprio come si farebbe con un pallone, e farla scattare pochi secondi dopo.
La folle corsa della salute miniaturizzata
LensBaby Composer  いつか買いたい…
Sony A9 è la nuova mirrorless full-frame pensata per i professionisti più esigenti. Un mostro di tecnologia pronto a competere con i grandi marchi.
For all the functionality baked into today's cameras, they general limit the user to being behind the lens. Casio has announced a new modular camera that avoids this limitation. The Exilim EX-FR10 is designed so that the controller and lens units can be separated, allowing for more versatile shots.
Free-lensing: It's a method of shooting with your lens detached from the camera- but still held very closely. Holding your lens up to the camera (instead of attaching it) allows you to create a tilt-shift effect in your photos. Focus on one thing while everything else becomes blurred!
Stabiliser sa GoPro avec Gyromatic Go2X

Stabiliser sa GoPro avec Gyromatic Go2X

Ed Verosky is a professional photographer and author based in New York. In this article, Verosky offers up eight useful tips for anyone wanting to get better portraiture results with on-camera flash. To learn more about this subject, check out Verosky’s popular eBook, “100% Reliable Flash Photography.“ You can get great lighting for your portraits …

8 On-Camera Flash Tips: How To Get Better Lighting From Your On-Camera Flash

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