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Lego island in a white kitchen - love it (This would be so much fun made into a desk for a kid's room! I think I may need to start scooping up legos at yard sales.Brendan needs a desk!


Funny Cat Bed Shaped Like Chain Chomp From Super Mario Bros

Catastrophic Creations created The Chain Chomp Cat Bed for pets that look like the Super Mario's monster.


A Bird Lover On A Quest To Make 100 Lego Birds

A visit from a Robin Red Breast prompted Tom Poulsom to start creating "feathered" friends out of Lego bricks. Here is a selection from his British Bird Series.

This candy dispenser provides a fun way to get a delicious sweet treat. A simple slider mechanism doles out the goods and the top has an easy-release lid. The Lego ...

Lego Candy Dispenser

Instructions for building a Lego gumball dispenser - new project for me and my boy!

Fridge Keychain Holder v.1 by Jameson42, via Flickr

Looking for good key holder? This magnetic key holder attaches to your fridge, keeps your keys in an easy to find spot and displays your Lego love.


LEGO FOOD - Looks good enough to eat - but be careful - you may chip your teeth! :: LEGO HISTORY LEGO HISTORY 101 (continued) - I decided to take the food theme a bit further so here I am showing you Lego food pieces that come in the sets as well .

mariagabriela on Indulgy.com

Color-in wallpaper.how rad is this for a kid's room or a playroom or a hallway? Make it into a party thing.have all your friends come over and color in the wallpaper.

How To: Make a LEGO Skull | Man Made DIY Keywords: pdf, downloadable, diy, craft

How To: Make a LEGO Skull

Noah Scalin's Lego Skull created for the Skull-A-Day project can now be made with DIY instructions thanks to fellow Lego artist Clay Morrow.

LED Lego Lamps

LED Lego Lamps: LED Lego Lamps: You don’t have to be a kid to love playing with Legos. We love these table lamps made using transparent legos and LED lights! These are available to buy but we think they’d be totally DIY-able!

Lego Rome wasn't built in a day.

Certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught has created the world's first Lego Colosseum, an architectural model that required Lego bricks,

Lego Switchplates | OMG. LOVE. (Blogging shortly) | Mrs. FireMom | Flickr

LEGO Switchplates Brighten Up the Boys’ Rooms. This would cute for Aubrey's room to if it were girl Legos.


This would be perfect for video game storage! -J ]wii remote book shelf- bet we could diy this! :) This would be cute for a game room to organize all the wii games and accessories.

Wow...what a room...

Interior Design Weird Beds Very Creative And Cool Bed Designs Weird Beds Design Pieway

I want that LEGO wall!!!

Creative and Practical Ways To Use LEGO Around the House (Without Stepping On Any!)

Make an enderblock or minecraft block of some type Lamp ‘Ole Kirk’, Just adorable and playful :)