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grotesque gargoyle

I LOVE gargoyles! Awesome grotesque (gargoyles are waterspouts, grotesques are those that aren't)! I love these things, and it's sad how many people think they're bad and/or evil.when they're created to be the exact opposite!

Grumblethorpe 62lbs 14.5x10x9.25

Campania International Grumblethorpe Cast Stone Garden Statue - The Campania International Grumblethorpe Cast Stone Garden Statue accents your garden with its pondering gaze. Naturally aging, the cast stone.

Gargoyles watching from their places on ImpSec, or Cockroach Central. Image taken before ImpSec sank.

The Gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France - Life in Dutch: A Parisian Promenade (III)

Paisley Abbey gargoyle, Scotland

'when he caught the whip thong over his head on the straight out of Lambton, he and Healy were grinning like devils.' Idiom: to grin like a devil - an open-mouth teeth-showing grin. This pic - Paisley Abbey gargoyle - Wikipedia

Robin, elf/gargoyle garden statue ~ He's so darn cute! *I smiled so big when I…

Campania International Robin The Gargoyle Cast Stone Garden Statue Pietra Vecchia -


Resultado de imagem para "Defecating person" Gargoyle - south side Cathedral of Our Lady (Münster) Altstadt, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


25 Epic Gargoyles From Around The World

Creatures Of Night Gargoyles as what we saw on television and on the news are carved in the walls of the church or anything like tall buildings in Europe. These creatures as what they said that will guard where it has been put from evil spirits.