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Salvador Dali Art Classroom demonstration lesson - hisotry

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Dali paintings, the clocks, when he strikes  it's just wonderful, I knew about him at 26 years old because I read a book called "The art of fart", I never laughed so much, as the Genius he is and was, becoming a lunatic is a fact, I prefer to become conscious of what life is about.

La persistencia de la memoria (The Persistence of Memory), Salvador Dali, 1931

On Wednesday my task was to choose an image from a book that inspired me from the arts library. Once I had chosen my image I had to take a photo that drew inspiration from the original image I had …

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Both Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe. Andy for being pretty much the best pop artist ever, and Marilyn for having some of the most perfect quotes ever (personally don't care for her acting. She played alot of dun=mb blonde roles)

Dali - one can #meditate on him.

Dali - one can on him. Before Surrealism, there was the Dadaist movement which influenced Surrealism, and artists like Salvador Dali.

El arte eleva nuestra apreciación de la belleza y la creatividad. Aunque no soy un experto, conozco muchas de las obras de arte más famosas del mundo. Y tú ¿puedes identificar estas famosaspinturas? ¡Visitamos el museo de TodoMail!

Pablo Picasso is arguable the most famous artist ever. I recently visited his exhibit at the MoMA and was inspired to finish this post.