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Neurons are the brain’s rock stars. But without the glial cells — astrocytes, microglia and oligodendrocytes — there would be no show at all. A diagram by Arne Hurty for Stanford Medicine Magazine Fall

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Overview of the Peripheral Nervous System: Peripheral Nerve Disorders: Merck Manual Home Edition

Overview of the Peripheral Nervous System - Brain, Spinal Cord, and Nerve Disorders - MSD Manual Consumer Version

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Infographic: What You Need to Know About Parkinson's Disease - Parkinson's Disease Center - EverydayHealth.com

What You Need to Know About Parkinson's Disease [Infographic]

Its estimated that seven to 10 million people around the world live with Parkinsons disease, which disrupts the brains ability to produce dopamine. Researchers are still working on a cure, but early detection can drastically improve the prognosis.

Different Types of Glial Cells | Glial Cells (Neuroglia)

Glial Cells (neuroglia) are the non-excitable supporting cells of the nervous system. All glial cells are much smaller but far more numerous than the nerve.