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Route 12, Wisconsin  DL


Danny Lyon: Rebel With a Camera : Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy is an online publication by Mark Alice Durant devoted to writing about photography and contemporary art.

Rare Photos From 1966 Show the NYC Subway in Full Color http://gizmodo.com/rare-photos-from-1966-show-the-nyc-subway-in-full-color-1671949358

Rare Photos From 1966 Show the NYC Subway in Full Color

Enter The 1966 Subway System, Through Photographer Danny Lyon's Lens: Gothamist. I wonder whatever became of this boy.

Danny Lyon - Exhibitions - Edwynn Houk Gallery

The Edwynn Houk Gallery is a photography gallery based in New York and Zurich, specializing in masters of twentieth-century photography with an emphasis on the and as well as contemporary photography.

Chambre d'Amour, Anglet, Pays Basque

Surfeur à Anglet - Pays basque et Béarn

Chambre d'Amour, Anglet, Pays Basque (my college vacation spot near Biarritz)

The Girls Of The Leesburg Stockade Photographer Danny Lyon was working with SNCC in Atlanta when he was sent to Americus to investigate rumors of the jailed girls form the city.

Many of the struggles of the Civil Rights era are well known. Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat, the March on Washington, Bloody Sunday in Selma, and

Danny Lyon, Ferguson Prison, Huntsville, Texas, 1967

Ferguson is a prison farm. for young men, ages seventeen to twenty-one. Boss inspecting the work of the prisoners.

meeting at SpotLight Cicero Illinois

"Andy, meeting at the the Stoplight, Cicero, Illinois" from The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon --circa