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HA! Good one!!

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Gun free... until a non-idiot criminal comes.

What liberals see: "This home is proudly gun-free. way to go, bro! What criminals see: "This home is asking to be broken into and robbed! Guess I know what I'm doing tonight!

For sure!!!!!

I can relate

I can relate: No matter how old you are, no matter how badass you are if a toddler hands you their ringing toy phone you answer it

My parents didn't spank me. However I FULLY believe more children need a good Ol' fashioned Godly ass whipping from time to time. Find what works and DO IT! Time out, take stuff away SPANK, figure it out and don't bring your disrespectful bad ass children around me until you get it together!

funnyand: Respect For Others My parents spanked me as a child. As a result now I suffer from a psychological condition known as “Respect For Others!I LOVE THIS ONE

This cracked me up and reminded me of you Lexie Lane!

This is so me lol. I "roll my eyes out loud" all the time!

#wisdom   common sense

It's strange how common sense isn't that common anymore. Its strange how common sense isn't that common anymore!

it took exactly 2 minutes for me to become addicted to pinterest haha by christy

Hi my name is Jackie and I am addicted to pinning. I would feel ashamed about pinning this but.

Happens too often

"I hate it when I'm singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong". Some where over the rainbow, way up sky. Did she get that wrong?

Drug Test... There have been movements throughout history which focused on making sure that everyone had the same economic situations. Equality through government dependency through welfare programs among others.

I had to pass a drug test to earn minimum wage, part of which I don't even get to keep. They should seriously start making welfare check receivers drug test, too.

Totally Astrid, she's a dreamer. And Finn probably said something, so she got all sassy on him heheh #theoriginals #fanfiction #fanfic

Don’t We All, Don’t We All

"I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned" This and many other fun wooden box signs are available at Wishful Living.

#1 rule in arguments: If you're losing, start correcting their grammar.

rule in arguments: If you're losing, start correcting their grammar. rule in arguments if they have correct grammar, correct their spelling.

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“Don’t Be so Serious, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me……. I’ll laugh at you!

Not everyday or even all day...just fleeting moments every once in a while...:) Most days it's just two jokers. K

Marriage is like a deck of cards (always good to have a sense of humor in marriage) Truth in humor