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Ghost ships have sparked the imagination of many a sailor or landlubber for centuries. Read on and discover the stories of four such ghost ships: The Flying Dutchman, The Mary Celeste, The Octavius and Le Caleuche.

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Halloween Terror Animated Wallpaper with horror scenes and animated effects to scare you with fantastics animations and very real sound effects.

Looking at the stunning work of George Grier, you never get tired marvel of human imagination.


The Neideck at full moon~ The Ruins Neideck is a former high-medieval nobility castle above the village Streitberg , part of a community Wiesenttal in the Upper Franconian district of Forchheim in Bavaria

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"there it is" Westley said, with a slight note of awe. Talia squinted up at the castle "it doesn't look like much, definitely not some super evil fortress." "Look harder" Celine said

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