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There are unique hotels, there are unusual hotels, and then there is the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. All 31 rooms in Propeller Island City Lodge

Suspended Hotel Room Interior; this room features a suspended bed and also incorporates structural members from the hotel’s past. The raised bed creates an intimate (if strange) gathering space below it and the bed itself can be raised or lowered manually via a series of pulleys mounted in the corners of the room.

A bed suspended by ropes a meter and a half off the floor at the Propeller Island City Lodge. So many strange rooms to try in this hotel!

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Sleep like the dead: If you’ve ever wondered if a coffin is comfortable, then check in to this padded room which is designed to make you feel like you’re resting in peace.

Geist = Geblasen

27 bizarre Fakten, die dich völlig neu auf Deutschland blicken lassen

Propeller Island City Lodge – Weirdest Hotel In The World

Propeller Island - Berlino

Round and round: This circular bed is on constant rotation so you have an ever changing view as you lie back and relax.

5 Hotel dengan Dekorasi Terunik | Baca selengkapnya di website: liputanbaru.com #TsunamiCup

Upside Down - Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin- The rooms are created by German artist Lars Stroschen with the aim of altering guests' perceptions, something this "upside-down" room certainly achieves.

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If you are tired of the normal luxury hotel, here is something to surprise your view and experience. Propeller Island City Lodge at Berlin, the largest city in Germany gives the super creative ambiance. Here are few pics to imagine the real living

mystifying space out of the stuff that dreams are made on... something that could never be in reality-- something of an unattainable childhood bedroom replete with magical energies-- simple, mundane and yet quaint, conventional and anomalous-- something about it wholly inexplicable...

Technological Room at Propeller Island City Lodge

Geist = Geblasen

27 bizarre Fakten, die dich völlig neu auf Deutschland blicken lassen

Geist = Geblasen

Themenzimer Autokino - V8 Hotel im Meilenwerk Stuttgart auf dem Flugfeld Boeblingen.

Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany Car fanatics will love the Hotel in Stuttgart. All rooms are themed around the automobile, with features such as vintage cars, racing paraphernalia and drive-through cinemas. 50 of the world's most unusual hotels