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According to social psychologist there are 5 components of emotional intelligence. We all have one that is our strongest.

Which One Of The 5 Components Of Emotional Intelligence Is Your Most Dominant?

Mario S. Nevado (aka Aegis Strife) created a striking photo manipulation. Called Deliberation, it was of a stunning statue in incredible distress as she's burning up from within.

Katie De Sousa : Marian art, Photoshop CS3, 2008

Marionette by ~yumedust- I love the watercolor feel to this piece the dark nature that is still retaining its mix of playfulness and mystery. The beautiful done piece with the ghostly doll works well with the dark background causing it to be even more hau

I pick up my bat and my backpack and walk out of my home. yeah- I know it doesn't really look like a typical home. I sling my bag over my shoulder and head to the local diner. I put my head phones in not particularly paying any attention when I bump into some one. I look up at the guy he looks maybe a year older than me and alot richer. He had brown hair and green eyes. He was WAY taller than me and he wears headphone around his neck and designer clothes. I back and murmur "Uh sorry."

Plot bunny!!!

writing prompt: Pick a year, pick a disaster, now write about the aftermath using this picture. Looks like Ellie

School week form for teachers to evaluate carryover of correct productions.  Simple to use as it asks for a rating of "yes" or "no" each morning or...

Classroom Articulation Report

This engaging math activity teaches students how to count on and count back using a number line. Students will need a dice and the worksheet to record. Students will think of this activity as more of a game than a worksheet! Students will choose a number

Behind me, I saw Flint let Rae's head rest on his shoulder, his arm around her, and it made me a little happier.  They were so different, and I never would have expected them to be more then polite acquaintances.   But now I seemed to play back in my mind all the times Flint had glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, and all the times Rae dropped her usual demeanor to laugh at his jokes.

burdge: because it’ll be a little longer before i can complete my side of the art trade with oreides, i feel like i should post these doodles of oremadi i did last week in class. i tooooold you they were fluffy its the only way i operate

Percabeth Fanart by Burdge bug This sketch. Burdge must be a wizard because this is pure magic. I have no idea how she manages to convey such deep emotion in seemingly simple sketches like these but I hope that she never stops. Just look at Annabeth's eyes, there are a million emotions, and even though we can't see Percy's face you can sense what he is thinking and feeling through body posture alone. This is just so beautiful. Burdge is going to do great things. #pjo

Percabeth Fanart by Burdge bug. I, the Percy Jackson fanatic, have stumbled upon two of my favorite things. Cool art, and books.

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