People also love these ideas they all like to wear clothes, because mine do

Weim grinning in a scarf!

weimyy in a bow tie <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

weimaraner wearing a bowtie.i want one of the dogs soooooo bad

wasbella102:    By William Wegman  Weimaraners

William Wegman, Friends / Sweet furry friends make me smile.

Weimaraner ♥  This is almost a spitting image of Otto!

Dog-eared but still gorgeous. Update: Dash is now famous over at Getty Images! Don't let your dog ruin your life, too. Take this first step, and open the road to the dog/human relationship that you truly crave

Perch. Photo by William Wegman.

Perch Photo by William Wegman

Weimaraner's.. such beautiful pups

such a beautiful pup

Weimaraners by mccartney

Weimaraners - They are so beautiful. Tho people should know that they are a very high energy dog and require training and walks/runs daily. Best to adopt than go through a breeder to save lives.

Pace/MacGill Gallery | Details page for individual art works

William Wegman, Hat's On, 2006


z- Weimaraner Puppy on Rocking Horse (De Gris Titanio Kennel)

Loyal and a good listener too.

Truth & then he died🤔

Love this expression! Shelly Guberek #bobbylong Feature on Project Life 365 Instagram Weimaraner Dog

Since its launch almost a year ago, Project Life 365 has served as a springboard for creativity, a global gathering place for photographe

A little help here...?!

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Kirsten Bowers from Wolfcub this shot!!!!

"Portrait Of A Weimaraner Dog" by Wolf Shadow Photography on Fine Art America

Puppy weirmaraner in a ruck sack! Funny dog picture

Puppy weirmaraner in a ruck sack! I love this, weirmes are so funny.

i miei amori weimaraner

i miei amori   weimaraner