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phaisty: “ Allura is really digging Earthling fashion “Speedpaint + Painting Tutorial ” ”

Source: http://retro-titan.tumblr.com/post/149380166931/everyone-loves-angsty-im-a-monster-galrakeith

Lance is one of those guys who pretends to be really observant and knows what's going on, but in reality he has no clue

Infinitely Doodling

I completed the casual outfits for all the members of Team Voltron! EDITS: Shiro now has a muscle shirt, which I think suits him much better. Lance and Keith’s proportions have also been fixed.

Im deceased...this fandom's text posts are amazing

Im deceased.this fandom's text posts are amazing<< bUT but true tbh

VLD's girls, better not mess with them

Women of Voltron in punk dress. I appreciate the style, the girl power, and Pidge's shirt. Wonder what it says. <<< It actually says 'nb' which is a shortcut for 'non binary', I honestly love it