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my rose by tincek-marincek

My rose Stunning Digital Art by Twins artists Valentina & Marina from Slovenia. Inception Time to rest on the tree You re safe with me F l a m e by tincek V i r i d i a n… Continue Reading →

هدفك الواضح، تصميمك القوي، صبرك الجميل، إيمانك بالله، ثقتك فى قدراتك،  هي أدواتك كي تصبح كما تريد .. فى اى مكان بعيد عن الوطن العربى

roughed up book like this one. If you do not open the book, NOTHING will grow!

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Dose of quality comic illustrations by Atlanta-based Irene Strychalski.

Devils Never Cry by Txikimorin on deviantART

This is Dante, as shown in a previous drawing, after Devils Never Cry

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