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Beswtay 10x Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch & Air Bed Repair Kit

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The Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair kit has been specific y designed to make repairs to a pool while it is still full of water, so someone can ready fix any holes or nicks before they start to re y leak. Sgood Which leak immediately with these quick and easy to use stick-on repair patches designed with a special adhesive Which glues even underwater. Contains 10 stick-on repair patches. Adhesive Repair Patch - Underwater repair patch are great for stopping punctures on your inflatable products such as swimming pools Includes 10 Patches- The pack comes with a substantial number of adhesive patches which work underwater, they are sizes 42.3sq cm to cover a good distance Water Resistant- Use underwater to repair punctures and abrasions in a quick and simple way so you can get back out and h
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