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Creepypasta Cafe : visitor by Alloween on DeviantArt

No Slender man this time. But EJ finally showed up, yep. ----------------------------------------- >Next: Creepypasta Cafe 004

C'mon Tim, it's only for 24 hour :D

*Toby gets Masky fired* *Masky gets Toby almost killed* Masky: alls well that ends well! Toby: you almost killed me! Masky: But did I?

Jack, Jeff and BEN

CreepyTown 23 is back! For a while, I was completely busy with real life and a whole bunch of other stuff, but little by little I finally got it done! Jeff and BEN talk with LJ an.


I sang this to the tune of the fun song in spongebob somethings wrong with me

Aww.. :D

Where are you going, Offendy? by Paradoxoid on deviantART Slenderman can be quite suffocating .

This is funny because in the game you have to avoid slender man and collect all of the pages and the more you find, the faster he comes for you. Maybe this is why

Funny pictures about Misunderstood Slender Man. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood Slender Man. Also, Misunderstood Slender Man photos.

Slendy.  justgirlythings /  thingsboysdowelove parody

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