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Laurel Long è una illustratrice Californiana specializzata in illustrazioni di libri. Al suo libro illustrato “The Mightiest Heart” è...

The Mightiest Heart - illustrated by Laurel Long. A warm tone background -> the whole picture the feeling of mystery. Her work is rendered in oil paints. This first picture book of her was awarded the Gold Medal by the Society of Illustrators.

A blog about the photographic encaustic paintings, and illustrations of Minnesota artist, Nadia Alenov. Periodic updates on projects and inspirations.

Laurel Long ~ Illustration from “The Magic Nesting Doll,” written by Jacqueline…


Laurel Long art Laurel Long art Pinned by Lorelei, with love and appreciation…

Wolves, A Wolf, Bad Wolf, Wolf

Laurel Long, illustration for The Magic Nesting Doll by J. K. Ogburn, Dial Books Ed, 1st edition 2000

Laurel Long ~ Illustration from "The Magic Nesting Doll" fairy tale book. Written by Jacqueline K.

illustrations by Laurel Long  The Lady And The Lion

The Lady and the Lion

Laurel Long, Illustration from “The Lady & the Lion: A Brothers Grimm Tale”