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This cat can roll it's tongue. That is all. *

This cat can roll it's tongue. That is all.

Gorgeous <3

Kidney failure is one of the most common causes of illness and death in older cats. Natural treatments and prevention protocols can help slow its progress.

"...since you askd so nicezly I will give u's a lot of hugz. I like themz toooo."

In need of LOLcats and puppy pictures! : wedding Funny Pictures Kittens Hugs Before You Go

No doubt about it!

Disgruntled Feline Festival Appearances

grumpy cat sxsw - The Grumpy Cat SXSW appearance was easily one of the biggest celebrity appearances at the show so far and that’s really saying something.

Dogs who forgot how to dog - #funny #dogs

Dogs who forgot how to dog. The pug. I laughed the most at the pug! Too funny!

Little Third Ear Earring, kinda creepy, but cool :), lol

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I can't stop laughing!!!!

Photographers manage to capture twenty-two perfectly timed cat photos. - More like Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos!