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Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes in "Elementary".... That could have been a knife!

The look on his face *starts laughing uncontrollably* I'm okay.*starts laughing harder* never mind rofl

'Elementary' [Jonny Lee Miller...plus Aidan Quinn]

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3. share family remedies to help your roommate beat a cold.

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i...it's just...these two. for fuck's sake. favorite friendship.

Elementary why can't they just end up together <------ NO NO NO NO NO That defeats the purpose of the Holmes/Watson relationship. Why can't men and women just have a friendship without any desire romantically or sexually?

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Haven't quite figured out how I feel about Elementary.  Usually I think of Jonny's Sherlock as Sherrinford Holmes, the fandom created lesser known of the Holmes brothers.  The not so socially awkward one, who just happens to live in New York in this fic.  Oh well, I agree it isn't so bad - in fact sometimes it is good and it is getting me through the hiatus so there's that but it isn't Sherlock.

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Watson and Holmes and Clyde (turtle),Did not think i would like this show ...but I have been hooked from the get go .love it.gw

Watson and Holmes and Clyde (turtle).I was looking for a new show to watch and just thought, " I like Sherlock Holmes's stories so why not?" I have been hooked since the moment Joan Watson walked through the door of the brownstone.