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Look how blue the water is!

Look how blue the water is!

The First Flyer - Grindelwald: ziplining down a mountain in Switzerland  on a 2,400 foot cable, reaching speeds of 55mph

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Ziplining in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland. A must-do vacation bucket list activity and memory to last a lifetime!

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Jungfraujoch, Swtizerland- Highest train station in the world

Jungfraujoch, Swtizerland - Highest train station in Europe = 2 altitude sick kids ;

Switzerland Zip Ride! Can't wait! :)

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ZipRider in Grindelwald, Switzerland - At a length of 2480 feet this popular zip line has a top speed of 55 mph.

#Switzerland #Zipline #Zip_Line #Travel #Fun #Adventure  #Vurrio Vurrio.com

#Switzerland #Zipline #Zip_Line #Travel #Fun #Adventure #Vurrio Vurrio.com

| Bucket list | go zip lining | I would love to do this in Costa Rica where my grandma went zip lining!

Do it in Florida but I think it only counts if you do it on top of a mountain ;-) again afraid of heights and my there's the vertigo issue but I won't stop me!

179932947582925453_nXeFizpO_c | let the awesomeness begin…

Zip lining over and through water would be even better. This has always looked loads of fun to me, so I've always wanted to try zip lining.

Ziplining in Switzerland #ziplining

Zip line in the Alps :) 9 Bucket List Travel Spots. I might have a heart attack before doing this but want to!

#Dumptruck hanging on ropes... Real pictores, zero #photoshop!

Dump truck hanging on chains held by tower crane boom, in mountainous construction location.

Ziplining Grindelwald, Switzerland

The best zip-line adventures: Ziprider, Grindelwald Switzerland.

Ziplining in Switzerland

First Flyer - Special , Jungfrau Region - Switzerland Tourism