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Gemini: May 21 - June 20 - information on the star sign Gemini twins!

In questo Segno Astrologico di Ariete ci sono Tre Costellazioni: Cassiopea, Cetus e Perseo.

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Constellation Gemini

Another version of the Gemini constellation


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Aquarius constellation

The Air Element

Aquarius, The Water Bearer -Zodiacal Constellation




Astronomers image lowest-mass exoplanet around a sun-like star



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They are the two brightest planets in the night sky – the cloud-covered world of Venus and the enormous gas giant Jupiter. Put them together and it’s a dou

A little constellation inspiration

The sky was so clear last night, I could pick out almost all the summer constellations.

This is going to happen on Dec. 3rd, 2012.  Pretty cool!   :0)

December 2012 - Planets Align With Giza Pyramids For The Time in Years - Planets Inline: Mercury / Venus / Saturn

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Cancer constellation                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Water Element

Cancer, The Crab -Zodiacal Constellation (My zodiac sign!

Gemini constellation ★

Gemini constellation ★ - Wisdom through the Stars - How to Date a Gemini

The first constellations were named over 3000 years ago and have been mystifying humans ever since. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the night sky!

How Well Do You Know Your Constellations?

Here's why your crush digs you even when Mercury's in retrograde.

Questo li rendeva speciali, unici.

Questo li rendeva speciali, unici.