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Monkee Mobile - Pontiac GTO customised by George Barris

Modern Hippie Bus Goes Where Vintage Volkswagens Can't

Modern Hippie Bus 3 Clearly inspired by the VW bus, a new electric car concept brings this classic into a new era with power generating capabilities, panoramic windows and extra safety features for the modern wanderer’s lifestyle.

The General Lee ($TBA; auction) is the exact same car used to jump a police cruiser in the first episode. Unfortunately, it sat in a junkyard for years after its maiden — and only — voyage, until it was found, rescued, and painstakingly restored to its former hell raisin' glory.

The original General Lee (from the first episode of The Dukes of Hazard) Will be up for auction soon. Guess those Duke boys are at it again.

Henry Ford standing next to the first and the ten millionth Model-T Ford. 1924

American motor vehicle industry pioneer Henry Ford - standing next to the first and the ten millionth Model-T Ford, 1924

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Harley side car-car

A 1945 Harley Davidson combined with a Harley side car produces this interesting quad like vehicle that has a flat head riding shotgun. Outlandishly unique this vehicle looks really cool especially on the era correct mag wheels.

The Mantaray by Dean Jeffries - Dean Jeffries Automotive Styling

Dean Jeffries - The Mantaray, isn't really a TV car but this is a tribute to the creator of The Black Beauty and the Monkeemobile.