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Bills & Rihanna: Bit** better have my money

Vermont Beverage Distributor | Craft Beer, Premium Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead & Non-Alcoholic Beverage Distribution | Farrell Distributing

Simple pairing guide - a little over simplified but a good graphic reference. Which beer for which food

So what do you think about that!?

I'm drinking my favorite drink tonight,its called a shitload, which is more than an assload but still less than a fuckton,humor,meme

I like her corset in this pic. Not too like glittery but still over the top

Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Melissa Rauch (cast of The Big Bang Theory) dress as Rocky Horror Picture Show characters, posing backstage at the Annual benefit for the Alzheimer's Association OMG Freakin Awesome!

Definition of Boston

My Boston definitely doesn't know the meaning of “personal space.” haha so true but thats why we love em!

HUMAN? http://mbinge.co/1tvgA9Y

Funny pictures about Baby Trust Issues. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Trust Issues. Also, Baby Trust Issues photos.

stages of sleepines

Stages of Sleepiness. This is me all the time thanks to nursing school!

Moda trendy hipster tshirt con un taglio ampio collo

Discover fashionfreax, your fashion community. Awesome Style that combines : I want this! More Street Fashion here.


You don't look like a gangsta, you look like Dick Van Dyke dancing with penguins. Except Dick Van Dyke can still look awesome doing so.

My life...

New Girl- Nick and Winston- Winston is bad at pranks. He either goes too small "Hey, let's pour some juice near her shoe" or he goes too big "Hey, let's hit her in the throat with a ski.

Дарья Рубинштейн

Funny pictures about The Inside Of a Gummy Bear. Oh, and cool pics about The Inside Of a Gummy Bear. Also, The Inside Of a Gummy Bear photos.


Human Foods Dogs Can & Can't Eat . some human foods are considered toxic to your dog & just a few bites could leave your pooch with anything from a minor stomach ache to a major illness or, in some cases, even death .