TOS: Minion Spock & Captain Kirk

star trek minions - Spock: It is illogical to find this so amusing. Kirk: Spock, it's a friggin' minion joke! Loosen up a little! Spock: Yes, Captain.

Minion Dwarves!!!! xD

lotr lord of the rings minions. I'll take a minion in any form

Despicable Sherlock.This made m laugh much harder than it should's look on the John minion's face!!!

Funny pictures about Despicable Sherlock. Oh, and cool pics about Despicable Sherlock. Also, Despicable Sherlock.

画像: 1/1【プーマがミニオンズとコラボ 波模様やバナナ柄のアイテムを展開】

News collection : From June, the Minions, the tiny henchmen starring in the 'Despicable Me' movie franchise, will inspire new versions of the sport brand's signature models.

Please let me be this awesome when I'm old!!

Alte Menschen die Spaß am Leben haben - Win Bilder

Older people have fun too :). I wanna be like this

‘Meu Malvado Favorito 2′: os minions invadiram a cultura pop! | Pop! Pop! Pop!

‘Meu Malvado Favorito 2′: os minions invadiram a cultura pop!

"Despicable Me" Minions "SpongeBob" SquarePants lol my god do u think it is spongbob or patricK

How Many Movies Did You See In 2013?

minion watching despicable me lol and eating popcorn which movie will he watch next

Oh sure you are… -- the look on Kirk's face in the last frame!!!!

"Spock and his (alleged) immunity to things that affect humans. From The Trouble with Tribbles (Star Trek)"