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#AttackOnTitan, #aot, #hanjizoe, #leviackerman, #levihan

Donald Trump would deport this joke

#AttackOnTitan, #aot, #hanjizoe, #leviackerman, #levihan

C0sUTIhVEAAwxUY.jpg (800×800)

C0sUTIhVEAAwxUY.jpg (800×800)

Italy, Germany, cute, chibi, pen, yaoi, kiss, blushing, flowers, flower crown, crying, sad, comic, funny, hearts, text; Hetalia

Italy and Germany // Hetalia ~ I'm not into boy love or yaoi but this is too cute to not pin <<I'm not part of this fandom but I ship it goddamnit

Mathias nukkuu, kaikki muut huolehtii siitä jollain tavalla, mut lukas vaan kävelee se yli

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden & Norway - Hetalia (Norway doesn't give a fuck.

1) Haha 2) I sleep with my body pillow like that

Haha I sleep with my body pillow like that <<< Holy shit, he looks freaking adorable. No wonder Sweden had a nosebleed.

Haikyuu! - Daichi Sawamura x Koushi Sugawara

Is it alright if i don't really care about anything else in this besides their legs?