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Have you heard of Reindeer Moss? It's a gorgeous bright green- perfect for Spring! See how I made these easy DIY Moss Spheres for my Spring home decor! www.settingforfour.com

DIY Reindeer Moss Balls - Home Decor Accents

DIY Reindeer Moss Spheres from Setting for Four michaels diy tutorial spring moss sphere green

5"  Artificial Moss Balls $699 each/ 3 for $6 each      wrap a ribbon around it and hang them from chairs along the aisle. Or give them to flower girls in place of bouquets

Moss Ball Artificial 5in

With its fuzzy texture and vibrant hue, this green globe is the perfect organic accent in your eco-friendly decorations. This piece is in diameter and has a Styrofoam center. Also see: decorative balls moss naturals grass

Cushion Moss Ball 5in

Bumpy Moss Balls 5in

Utilize this Cushion Moss Ball as an eco-friendly accent in your home or decorations. This faux moss ball is wide. Also see: decorative balls moss

шар в ландшафтном дизайне

Woodland Moss, Decorative Moss Ball, Moss Balls, Moss Decorative Balls (for bookshelves . under domes)

This looks like some type of moss. I love moss.  It looks so touchable and "comfy".

Moss Shade loving, a perfect indoor houseplant. Any moss from nature can be gathered in mass and laid down on rich compost, the plants will live well for months, misted regularly with water.