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bucket list: do this without my mom chauffeuring us.

Favorite thing to do - Road trips with my friends.we're gonna talk to strangers in the cars next to us

Just Girly Things <3 #JustGirlyThings

when someone compliment's the thing you are most insecure about: ( almost crying, whispering) I love you.

...and that's who I am.

Car rides used to be soo long, but I always just read books and books. Now I love long car rides just looking out the window.

Just Girly Things

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yeah! its kinda like a panic reaction. like if someone runs into me, I smile and say,"Oh! I am so sorry!" then I think..... hey, that wasn't me fault!

I apologize for things that aren't my fault. And That's Who I Am -- I apologize way too much ;