Daniele Pignasmile Pignone

Daniele Pignasmile Pignone

Bari / Pignasmile: Consulente SEO | Web Marketing Strategist | E-Commerce Marketing Specialist. Amo cibo, bici e il mondo di internet. www.pignasmile.it
Daniele Pignasmile Pignone
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Marketing Statistics for 2016:

Modern online marketing moves so quickly it often seems like if you look away for a second, you will miss something important. Although it may seem overwhelming at times, marketing is crucial for your success and the extent to which you can grow your busi


Support #Car #Sharing

WWII ad - This is an old ad during WWII which encouraged carpooling. First, there is a black and white fallacy, essentially saying you are either in support of the US or you are not. Basically, support the US and carpool, or join Hitler.


If you aren't able to ride a bicycle now, seeing the world from one and feeling the air fly by is a great inspiration to get a Take Shape for Life free coach and start working toward your goal of getting on a bike!